Nicole Vs The Media & Paparazzi

  1. [​IMG]If there's two things Nicole Richie hates more than Paris Hilton it's the paparazzi and the attention put on her weight. In an interview airing on "The Tyra Banks Show" next Tuesday, Richie addresses both thorns in her side.

    "It's horrible, especially when you're trying to do something about it [her weight] and you have just so many eyes watching you and people talking about you," says the extremely thin "Simple Life"-er.

    With so much attention put on her fluctuating pounds, the paparazzi are inevitably going to be snapping pics, regardless of where she is. While she may not mind the shutterbugs all the time, it's a whole different story when it comes to the beach or restaurants.

    "It's summer, everyplace to go eat you obviously eat outside ... I'm not eating for the cameras, I live in LA, I do what I normally do," says Richie, adding "What really bothers me is when I go to the beach because when I go to the beach, they want me in the swimsuit."
  2. It was hard to pay attention to what she was saying because the entire time I was fixated on her horrible eye makeup.

    She'd be crying if the media no longer cared about her too.
  3. She looks more like Nicky Hilton than herself on that picture :upsidedown:
  4. Well, cant blame her if she hates the paps, but like Danica said above, she would be pissed too if they no longer care about her and stop following her around.

    Whatever that she's doing to improve her weight it sure isnt showing.. this girl needs FOOD!!!
  5. She knows what she needs to do. It's much like a heavy person always being told by everyone around them to lose weight. When you're ready, it clicks in and you do it.

    I feel bad for her. So cute, though!
  6. i feel bad for her hollywood, theres so much pressure put on "stars" to be thin....seems like either way, she cant win...
  7. I don't feel bad for her. I mean, we normal girls have pressure also- and its to look like THEM!!! KWIM? They have the money and resources to be able to have those "perfect bodies"...I use that term loosely, but still. It's terrible that there is pressure for all of us! So the last person I'm going to feel sorry for is someone who can buy whichever designer clothes she wants all of the time, have someone cook her healthy meals and have a personal trainer to cater to her.

    On a side note, I actually do think Nicole Richie is cute and all, she just doesn't get my sympathy.
  8. I love Nicole, but I agree with you. I remember her and Paris saying, "That any celebrity who tells you they don't like the attention from the paparrazi are just lying", wonder if this is still true?
  9. omg. she looks like--->[​IMG]
  10. ^^ ditto :hysteric:
  11. I feel bad for her because she is being harassed all the time, and that adds to the pressure, I think

  12. Maybe that's true, but why does their "caring" have to be based on them trying to take unflattering photos of her to hint that she is anorexic?