Nicole Treating Her Half Brother & Sister To...

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    Troubled celebutante Nicole Richie made a rare public appearance yesterday, treating her half-sister and brother to a screening of 'Charlotte's Web' at the Grove shopping complex in Los Angeles.
  2. sorrry 4 being ignorant:shame:

    half sis and bro? lionel ritchie's kidz? biological dad's kidz?
  3. She looks really good and she has a gorgeous Balenciaga bag. Her sister is cute.
  4. Fun day for all.

  5. Remember that ugly scene when Lionel left Brenda Richie? These are Lionel's kids with Diane - his 2nd wife.
  6. how cute :smile:

    augh..I really DISLIKE his 2nd wife..she seemed like a golddigger to me..
  7. i need to see pics of both wives plz :wtf:
  8. Love the word "celebutante".
  9. That was nice of her.
  10. She looks happy with her sibs. Love the color of her bag too.
  11. that's so sweet :smile:
  12. They look cute! I love that theater at The Grove.
  13. they sure do ....that was very nice of nicole
  14. That's sweet, it makes her seem more human. I hope she's happy!
  15. I thought that Nicole was adopted and her biological father was a bandmate of Lionels?