Nicole To Appear In Her Fathers Upcoming Music Video !!

  1. [​IMG]
    She Looks so sad .[​IMG]
  2. She is soo thin.. She doesnt look good.
  3. She has a beautiful face...but she needs to put some weight on those bones.
  4. my god! she looks like a skeleton!
  5. Yep. She does look sad. She's still beautiful, though. I love Lionel and hope they do will with the video!
  6. I agree. She would look so much better with about 10 more lbs.
  7. She is way too thin her bones are sticking out....please eat something Nicole!!!
  8. I cant believe how her boobs just dissapeared....maybe she is just really worn out? Her face is gorgeous.
  9. Can't see the pics:sad:
  10. IS there a pic?
  11. yes, there are pictures, i will repost them, so hopefully everyone can see them. :yes:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  12. Love the outfit/look...she is quite pretty. A few pounds would help...wish her well.
  13. She needs a slice of my pizza....MmMmMm double pepperoni!
  14. ooo my god!!!she's so beautiful!! I LOVE HER EYES!! too bad that she's so thin...
  15. She looks so sad in that last pic, yeah her bones are potruding now, something needs to be done.