Nicole @ The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show !

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    Victoria's Secret Models get the key to L.A. (11/15/06)

    Stacy Keibler @ Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (11/16/06)
  2. Paris and Nicole look like they're about to make out! :P
  3. Here she is at the AMAs.....she's looking great!!! I'm glad she finally wised up & is dealing with her health.
  4. She really looks great!
  5. Wow those VS models are so Gorgeous!!! What beautiful hair! I wish I looked like them! Now that is what Nicole should weigh like, they still have curves, not stick skinny, so much more attractive!

    Oh, that's right, Nicole does look pretty, I like the real dark hair on her better than the red or red/brown, she looks best in this color or blonde. She looks a little better but she still has a good bit of weight to gain, she is still quite bony and unhealthy looking. But her face does look pretty!
  6. She is looking much better!
  7. Nicole looks very good. What I like about her is that she is not a traditional beauty but, she can really look beautiful. I hope she is getting help with her weight and not just camoflaging with the right clothes. You go Nicole!
  8. She looked perfect in that red dress! Love her hair there.
  9. she's looking better....but she still has a littleto do!
  10. Wow - she does look much healthier! Love her new hair color...
  11. She's looking alot better. more power to her :smile:
  12. I like the dark hair. She is looking alot better.
  13. Looking pretty!!
  14. she looks better than ever:tender:
  15. She looks great... I wish I can make my crazy bangs look as good as hers.