Nicole Spotted Shopping For Bikinis On Sale

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  4. She looks cute! I love her Balenciaga...looks awesome! I also looove Planet Blue...such a fun store!
  5. Even Nicole can appreciate a good Labor Day sale!:lol:
  6. Her sunnies are :heart:.
  7. I :heart: Nicole!
  8. I agree, very cute. :yes: Do you know what brand they are?
  9. i love her! shes so cute
  10. is she wearing the red pro ana bracelet?!
  11. ^^ No, I believe it is a Kabbalah bracelet.
  12. Sales are good for everybody!
  13. I don't mean this to be snide , but if I were her I would shop in the Childrens Dept . It's way cheaper !
  14. She always looks great!
  15. She looks happy and yes, everyone loves a great sale.