Nicole Shopping Barefoot With Mischa... She Doesnt Look Good

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  1. [​IMG]
    Nicole Richie looked distressingly thin during a shopping trip in LA

  2. [​IMG]
  3. woza! she definately does not look good
  4. During a recent shopping with pal Mischa Barton, she again shocked onlookers when her skin-tight orange dress revealed a concave chest and protruding hipbones.
    The star, who had appeared to have gained a few extra pounds in recent months, now looks to have dropped back down to a worrying low.

    Reports were circulating in the US that she had briefly checked into California's Beau Monde Treatment Centre.

    Her publicist said: "She is not in rehab – she is at home in Glendale. Sobriety is an ongoing process but she is sober".
    Last year, the 25-year-old confirmed that she had sought help for what her spokesperson called an inability to put on weight, but denied it was treatment for an eating disorder.

    Article: Dailymail
  5. That is really nasty. Mischa looks like she slept in her makeup or something.
  6. Er - that is not good - she looks so unhealthy!
  7. omg ur rite!!:wtf:

    they look like they just got done filming the jerry springer show
  8. She's such a distressing sight!! Her chest looks horrible! :sad::sad: I want her to get healthy soon.
  9. Oh my....she looks absolutely horrible.
  10. PLEASE put on a bra!
  11. omg what happened!!!!!
  12. OMG she's my neighbor now!? I better stay off the streets at night.:wtf:
  13. Is it just me or are you disgusted by these pictures. She actually looks bloated around the middle the way some third world child or youngster would be that is suffering from malnutrition :sad:. She looks utterly shocking and her eyes and face in general has no signs of life at all.
  14. ewww why can't her, Paris and Lindsey just go away?!?!?!