Nicole Scherzinger style thread

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  1. Hi ladies, I know Nicole Scherzinger has her moments with fashion but then, don't all celebrities! I'm surprised she doesn't have a style thread. It would be great to have one - especially with X Factor UK starting.

    Feel free to add images.

    I actually wanted to know where this ensemble was from? She was papped shopping at All Saints in London.
    Does anyone know?
  2. ...
    nicoles1.jpg nicoles2.jpg
  3. I love this golden beaded dress. I thought it was Balmain but I'm not sure - can anyone confirm?
    nicoles4.jpg nicoles6.jpg nicoles5.jpg
  4. I find her very hit and miss. She has a fab body and very pretty but at times her style is weird.
  5. I know what you mean - sometimes too American pop star. Does anyone know the suit she's wearing in pic 1??