Nicole Ritchie's Chanel

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  1. Does anyone know if the across the shoulder black chanel bag that nicole ritchie has been carrying is new?? i don't know how to post pics sorry!
    its a small square black bag with a big cc logo, tassle on zipper and gold chain. Mary kate has been carrying a similar one buts its royal blue

  2. Are you talking about this bag? If so, I believe it is vintage. I love it though! :heart:

  3. It does look vintage to me!
  4. We haven't seen long straps in a while, so I'm thinking it's old.

    (I wonder when long straps will be back in style?)
  5. I like this bag!
  6. It's very cute and it's very Nicole!
  7. Looks Too Damn hot on her....lovessss Nicole's style...
  8. yes it's vintage. I love the long chain and pure gold links on the handle. Glad to see her carrying something other than bbags!
  9. that looks like lindsay lohan in the picture...but i love the bag!
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