Nicole Ritchie's Boots

  1. Does anyone know what the brand of Nicole Ritchie's boots in the recent pictures taken of her are? I :love: them!!

  2. Those are hot! I love them, too!
  3. I think they're lanvin
  4. yes they are LANVIN
  5. Thanks for the designer. Does anyone know about how much they go for and if I can buy them anywhere besides a lanvin boutique. Thanks a ton!
  6. Thay're beautiful, i love them too:love::love:
  7. Love them too ^^
  8. if they only had heels :biggrin:
  9. They are SOOO FREAKIN HOT!!!!
  10. They are amazing! Does anyone know how much they are??
  11. Very nice boots. I love the way nicole looks here.
  12. I like those!
    She looks pretty aswell there
  13. They were selling them at Madison in Malibu. Try calling them, but I'm sure they are sold out by now. I think they cost anywhere from $800 to $1000.
  14. they are very hot! she looks great as a brunette too!
  15. There are five pairs of these on ebay right now in various colours and sizes for $799. I bought a pair in black last night, I'm so happy! :yahoo: