Nicole Ritchie and her fake bags strike again!

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  1. I was reading New Weekly which is an Australian Womens Magazine...

    They did a feature article on Celebs and how much their outfits cost...

    And, lord behold, they have Nicole Ritchie with her fake "yellow" first quoting it as a "Balenciaga Motorcycle - cost $1500"!

    I had a giggle about it, but then decided to email the editor of the magazine to tell her that the bag featured was a fake.

    My email was quite lengthy - highlighting how other celebs have also been seen carrying fakes.

    I wasnt expecting a reply, but actually got one quite promptly!

    Turns out she wants to do a story on "Celebs who carry fake bags" now.

    As well as this, she is interested in including information about where the money from the sale of counterfit bags goes to (terrorism, black market rings etc) I gave her some reference material on it, so lets just wait and see if something gets published!

    If the article does gets published, I'll scan it and put it on TPF...

    I'm quite amused with myself actually... :supacool:
  2. Wow.. Good job !!!
  3. awesome! i'd love to read the article when it gets written and see how these celebs respond!
  4. wow... i hope this gets published and the celebrities stop carrying fakes.
  5. awesome! keep us updated. I'd love to read the article!!!
  6. This is the bag she was carrying in the pic I saw (not same pic though)

    Check out the square bales!! Dead giveaway...

    And apparently she took the shoulder strap off recently... I wonder why? :p
  7. And the firsts arnt even 1500..where do they get their info?
  8. well done! can't wait to see the article.
  9. Lol I'd like to read that too. That would be interesting...possibly also a good read for the people who believe the people simply had the bags made especially for them. Or that they HAVE to be real simply because the celebrities can afford it. :rolleyes:
  10. Very interesting~love to read it too!
  11. Actually in Canada, a First is $1495 (please feel bad for us! Thank god for eBay!)

    Fashion-Cult that is SOOOO cool!! I really hope she does the article!!!
  12. So do I!

    It would be an entertaining read - and for once a magazine can have cold hard proof to back up their claims... not like most of their allegations!
  13. Neat!
  14. wow, that is awesome! I would love to read the article!
  15. That is so awesome!! :wtf: I really hope it gets published! :nuts: