nicole ritchie and her chanel bag look

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  1. really good look I thought... do you agree? and do you know of any chanel bags that can be worn like that? long long strap oh so casually flung....:tup:

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  2. uhhh... new ones? yeah... wocs, s/m cam case , reissue 225... though the closest look i have in mind would be the mini porto :smile:
  3. the reissue 225 does not have a long enough strap does it? at least mine doesnt. How tall are you?
  4. ^oh... guess its just right for me... don't have 1 but tried it on... i'm barely 5'4" :shame:
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    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
    this is exactly how my mini portobello lies/very long chain which is not variable. i love it! in fact i think i pointed someone to a picture of nicole ritchie with this bag that someone had posted on the celebrities thread when they asked re how it looked. isn't a woc that long too? don't have one so don't really know... also my metallic grey jumbo has an extra long chain for some reason (more than the others) and it works nicely cross body and falls very low. there was option for longer chain at fashion's night out as well and it makes a difference so looking forward to my jumbo from then too!

  6. I think a lot of the pieces she wear are vintage ones... because I see a lot of *bay sellers who sell vintage chanels use her pics as modeling pics.
    I really like her casual look with chanel too!
    She made chanel looks like it can match any kind of outfits.
  7. can you model it for us?
  8. I would also see a pic of someone modeling these WOCs. I want one!
  9. I can't even tell what bag that is or the "trendy" way she is wearing it.
  10. sorry I took the photo from the Sunday Times with my iphone, so rather poor quality. If you are in the UK you can check it out from the paper. I don;t know how to make the photo bigger... that is the new in 'look' though. effortless.
  11. i think there is a photo on here somewhere of nycavalier wearing hers... if it's not her it's someone else... i can't take photo right now. i do love the look though.

  12. ok - if you find the photo please post.
  13. anyone has more photos of this new look? ... all the range in the catwalks
  14. I have modeling pics in a WoC thread if you search the WoC threads I've started - it's the older thread.
  15. i think in the photo she is not wearing a WOC, its a vintage black patent quilted leather sling bag in box shape````````i dont know the exact name of this bag yet. but im pretty sure its not WOC