Nicole Richie's Sunglasses

  1. Anyone know the designer?
    nr 2.jpg nr 3.jpg nr sunglasses.jpg
  2. chanel
  3. I think I did see them in Saks, but they were not with the other sunglasses, they were in the boutique in a case with some of the jewelry. They were very round, These don't look quite as round. Has anyone else seen them anywhere?
  4. I think they are the Tom Ford Marissa glasses. The Chanel glasses I saw were very round.
  5. I definitely don't think that they are the Chanel sunglasses being mentioned - I've seen those particular glasses and they are VERY round and the sides are curved. Remind me of Harry Potter glasses.
  6. I don't think it's chanel. I have the glasses I think everyone is taking about and they are very round and the arms have a wave to them. Like SuLi said they look alot like Harry Potter's glasses
  7. Did anyone figure out if these are Chanel sunnies? If so, anyone have the style #? Thanks!
  8. yeah they are and i just got them i will post pics later
  9. nice!!
  10. here are the pics of them on me!!! they are sold out everywhere you cant find them. when i googled them i found them on craigslist here in malibu so i met the girl today and bought them from her for a very very good price!!!!!! yayaya soooo adorable!
    oliver 1.JPG oliver 2.JPG oliver 3.JPG richie1.JPG
  11. nice. reminds me of tom ford's emmanuella.
  12. I love the ones she wore that were only half tinted....don't suppose anyone knows who they are by?