Nicole Richie's striped bbag

  1. I'm surprised how much I like this striped combo (eeew to the bare feet tho :blink: )

  2. Yeah, what's up with the bare feet? The bag is cute though.
  3. I think it's really cute but I saw someone carrying it recently -- it looked a little dingy.
  4. I love that bag!
  5. I actually love what she's wearing AND the bag :heart::yes:

    But.... BARE FEET???!!! What the :censor: ??? I don't understand how people can go like that in a town.. barefoot... I remember when I went to Myrtle Beach, some people just walked without shoes around the hotel, in Starbucks etc. can you say EW? :sick:
  6. why is she always barefoot like britney?!!!
  7. IMO, the bag looks cute with what she's wearing. What else would you be able to wear that bag with?
  8. Love the stripes! Was lucky enough to see this bag in person and the fabric is incredible!
  9. You know, the first thing I noticed about that picture was Mischa Barton's shoes...I have the same shoes, but in tan.
  10. omg, suli, WHERE did you get them and what kind are they??? i love flat sandals, and they were the first things i noticed too! i must have a pair :smile:
  11. love the bag, but she should seriously get some shoes on!!!
  12. get that girl some shoes!!! i want to raid nicole's closet!
  13. I love her striped bag! She is so cute but needs to put on shoes. YUK!
  14. How many bags does that girl have? How does she keep track of them all? I'd get confused just switching from one to another.
  15. yea...
    the fabric is super nice with the tapestry background...
    Neiman Marcus sf still has the city striped bag if anyone is interested...