Nicole Richies post partum top

  1. I just love this top! In a few weeks time, It's my turn to try to rock a cool post partum look, so is there anybody out there who knows where her top is from?

    So grateful for any help you can give!!!!!!!
  2. Not alot of help but looks like C&C
  3. looks like c&c california
  4. I think it is a Bobbi tee!!!
  5. I would check C&C/Splendid/Ella Moss for these types of shirts
  6. To add to my above statement, I work at a boutique...and we sell what looks like the same shirt. It is a Bobbi tee. I am not sure where you could find online, but i will do a search and see!
  7. ^^ yes, please find out....
  8. Michael Stars made a style like this that was called an A-line striped tee that came out a while back.
  9. And it's only $24! Great find!!
  10. I know! I ordered the last one as well. Quite pleased with that actually. :yes:
    They only had one left in medium, so it may be a little too big, but that should hopefully give me more room to hide a post baby belly... :shame:
  11. I'm sure it'll look very cute especially with skinny jeans
  12. My thoughts exactly.
    I have a great pair of maternity skinny jeans that everyone compliments me on. When I say they're maternity jeans, they refuse to believe me until I show them the waistband, so I plan to wear those until my regular skinnies fit.

    (I saw that the top got a somewhat lousy customer review, but for that price I paid for it, it doesn't really matter. It was a good bargain)
  13. And when it's too big you can eBay it!