Nicole Richie's Lipgloss/stick?

  1. She always has on a great nude color. Anyone know what brand and shade she uses please?
  2. i read somewhere that its armani lipsilk in #22. i got it and its really great. i love the texture of it, its not too heavy
  3. ah it's a great color!
    i must check it out!!! thank you!
  4. i was wondering this too. she looked really great on the diane sawyer interview.
  5. I agree, her makeup looked good imo. Especially her lipstick/gloss.
  6. Yes nice color!
  7. I really loved Nicole's lipstick. I must have it! That reminds me of the Monica Lewinsky interview w/ Barbara Walters. Everyone was raving about Monica's lipstick. I went out and purchased it the following week. It was from Club Monaco.
  8. This is what I just read: Don't know if it's true.

    "Actually it is Laura Mercier, that she uses, (I know this for a fact :smile: the color is Discretion"
  9. Her lipstick looked really pretty on the cover of OK Magazine this week. Did anyone see it?
  10. That is a pretty color. I will write down this and the Armani one and next time I got shopping I will check them out. Thanks all!!!!!I just love how she has on a nude color that is not all shimmery
  11. Good luck ladies! Let us know how it looks!
  12. I just ordered online from NM ~ Discretion from Laura Mercier.

    Can't wait to get it!!!!!
  13. Which one is it? I just went to NM website and I couldn't find the color under either one of the 3 different lip glosses?

  14. Go to and put Discretion in the search field. It should come up. That is how I found it. It is a lipstick, not gloss. Hope that helps.
  15. My bad! I got mine from, not NM doesn't have it.