Nicole Richie's Late Lunch at Real Food Daily

  1. Nicole Richie gets a late lunch at Real Food Daily, wearing a light pink silk dress.

    she look so good :smile: and healthy

  2. Glad to see her looking healthy, I really hope this baby is the change she needed in her life.
  3. Was this before or after her 82 minutes of jail time?

    She looks good!
  4. I really think she will do much better than Britney!
  5. i think it was one day after jail time :smile:
  6. I'm so glad to see her looking healthy. Hope she really keeps it up after the baby is born.
  7. I so have my fingers crossed!!

    I love seeing these pics of her pregnant...she is looking so good!
  8. She looks better with a little bit of meat on her bones.
  9. 82 minutes of jail time.. what a joke. It's like laughing in our government's face.

    Anyways, I think she looks really great! And her hair color is gorgeous, looks really good on her too! I honestly believe that out of her and Paris she is the more "mature" one.
  10. She looks great!!
  11. Wow. She looks great!
  12. How is it laughing at our govt? They make the rules and she was let out.
  13. Those sunglasses are so cute on her!
  14. She looks nice!
  15. she looks great. love all the dresses she has been wearing lately.