Nicole Richie's flared jeans

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  1. Well, the pictures are on, and I can't do the old right click to link the pictures over here. She looks ADORABLE today - destroyed flared jeans that I MUST have - white tee tucked in - black Bbag - and this cute braid hairstyle that I'm not sure how to replicate. Does anyone have any idea where those jeans are from?
  2. I was reading they are either Paige or Levis...not a definite ID yet though.
  3. it says wide legged levis underneath if you read below the pictures there
  4. They are Levis, and they're also custom tailored, so you won't be able to find an identical pair...which is too bad, because they're so cute!
  5. Oh, well, I don't like my Paige jeans, I love my 7's. My levi's are okay. It is just amazing she just had a baby.
  6. Given that they didn't look like any levi's I'd ever seen, I thought they were using the term generically for "jeans".

    Bummer!!! I love them.
  7. I got a pair just like those in H&M called Flarey....
  8. Her flared jeans is very pretty!


  9. soooo cute, love them!!!!!
  10. I wish I looked like that good BEFORE I had a baby! She looks awesome! :smile:
  11. They are Cute jeans~
  12. those are paige lauren canyons. i have the same ones.

  13. where did you get them, I loved them! I need a pair now!!! :biggrin:
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