Nicole Richie's FANTASTIC shoes

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  1. In the first ever episode of The Simple Life (episode 1 season 1) nicole richie is seen wearing these shoes that dont have a heel and instead have a metal (or something) bar across the ground creating the illussion of an invisible heel.

    i remember seeing theses shoes when i first watched the shoe a couple of years ago and i think about them often but can't seem to find a picture of them online or find out what designer they are.

    does anyone have photos of these shoes or have any idea what shoes i'm talking about?? please help im desperate to see these shoes again!!!
  2. I think they were by Fendi. It's a wedge shoe in principle, but only has the outline of the wedge in silver metal, right? (Well, along the bottom anyways,) There's also a weight ball on the bottom metal part. If so, that's Fendi.
  3. Yes, they are Fendi shoes. Either from 2000 or 2002, I can't remember. I own a pair. They have hand painted flowers on each shoe. The material is suede.
  4. They are Fendi, but she also had a shoe similar in the first episode when they were at the Dior boutique that were Dior.
  5. thank you SOOO Much guys!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. does anyone know where i can find a pair??
  7. There was a thread about this a number of months ago along with a link to stores that sell those shoes, or something similar. Do a search, I'm sure you'll find it.
  8. *** BUMP!!! ****

    PLEase help me :smile: i'm a woman obsessed!
  9. those are cute!
  10. those are Gorgeous!