Nicole Richie's Debut Album Cover

  1. She looks pretty in that pic.
  2. Her face is really pretty! I didn't know she can, sing???
  3. hmmm....i hope her song is not as bad as paris'
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Oh come on.....!!
  5. She looks pretty in that picture...she looks like a girl I used to babysit when I was younger & she was like 10 at the time. Haha she was soo tall & pretty..everyone always told her she should be a model. But back to Nicole when is her album going to be release?
  6. i kinda wanna hear what she'll sing. It will be interesting.
  7. hmm.. apparently everybody in hollywood can sing
  8. Especially anybody that is born w/ money in Hollywood. hmm..Maybe it's just coincidence.
  9. Wow, I didn't realize she was so pretty. It's so nice to see her eyes without the huge sunglasses. Looks so much better! As for her singing; we'll see. Hopefully her dad gave her a few pointers!
  10. I think she "sings" like Paris "sings" in that they squawk and then the studios clean it up until it sounds passable. You don't need talent (Ashlee Simpson-I'm looking at you!) to be a musician anymore.
  11. I loved when Paris was on Letterman and wouldn't sing her new song (although the band already knew how to play it). She wanted to come back and make it "really hot." I guess that means magic microphones.
  12. What that really means is "I actually can't sing" lol
  13. LOL It's funny cuz its true.
  14. OMG, another teen celebs singing! OH NOOOO!!!!!