Nicole Richie's courthouse bag = Chloe Heloise

  1. From her day in court yesterday....

    (photo credits: AFP/Getty Images)


    Nicole Richie.jpg Nicole Richie2.jpg
  2. Hehe, at least she went looking in style and hot.
  3. just saw that bag irl. it's really stunning. I saw it in a mahogany color, really TDF. I didn't think I would like the braided handles at first but they are really gorgeous.

  4. DITTO, this is exactly how I felt when I saw the bag IRL.:wlae:
  5. I love her bag. The first thing I noticed when I saw the picture of her going to court was the Heloise. That's when I knew I'm a true TPF addict!
  6. :love: I like Heloise!!!

  7. ^^^LOL...OMG me tooooo:nuts:. I didn't even hear what they were saying all I kept thinking was "omg is that the new chloe bag?":rolleyes:.
  8. Wow! The small Heloise looks lovely on NR :heart:

    I had the same bag in Moka but returned it as it was a little small on me (and I'm only 5 ft 4 and 110 lbs so it shows how tiny NR is!) :sweatdrop:

    I've still got my Medium Heloise........
  9. NR looks fabulous and she rocks that Chloe!!!
  10. That bag looks great on Nicole. I love her sunglasses - anyone know what brand they are?
  11. So what other colors is the Heloise available in??? :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  12. Nicole's whole courthouse look is flawless.
  13. The Heloise is gorgeous--very ladylike!!
  14. She looks great. I was on the fence with this bag but I like.