Nicole Richie's court Chanel sunglasses?

  1. Can anyone ID these? I'd love to know what model they are. thanks!

  2. a few more bigger pics:


  3. I think these are the same - anyone?!??! I need to find out the model/style # for these :smile:))

  4. Are you sure that they're Chanel? They look a whole lot like a pair of Armanis. Armani made a $695 pair for the NM 100th anniversary that look like that (I think they've got some faceted black stone on the sides, IIRC) but I've seen a similar pair of Armanis without the stones. The gemstone version is available online.
  5. are those even chanel? LOL
  6. Yeah...they look like Armanis...the emblem/logo isn't Chanel.
  7. I need to know too Ive been obsessing over them since summer
  8. they look like the 5080s that are sold out but there's a new pair out there from cruise this year that looks very similar
  9. They are nice to look at but I think I would look silly wearing them :amuse:
  10. ^ they're diff. richie did wear those wiggly round sunnies but not featured in the pics. anyway, the price for the S5018 is insane, it was only $425!!
  11. she has some really nice sunglasses. i remember liking a pair of YSL she had on in the past too

  12. No bids yet! I agree $1200 min bid is insane.
  13. The ones we want are not the wiggly ones...they are different than the one shes wearing in court...does anyone know what it is?