Nicole Richie's Chanel Sunglasses

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  1. I love these Chanel sunglasses Nicole Richie has been wearing. They are a Jackie O. style, but have lenses that are both clear and dark (dark on the top, clear on the bottom). I can't find a picture online, but I've seen her everywhere in them in US Weekly.

    Any ideas on price or where I can get them?

    Hugs xxoo
  2. not sure if you are referring to the chanel S5018 round sunnies with grey tinted lenses? even Olsen twins are seen wearing them. Is that the one?

    If you are lookin for those pair, it's definitely impossible to find them anywhere, it's TOTALLY SOLD OUT! Another possibility is to find them on eBay but they can be as high as sellin at USD1500 and above.
  3. there have been many threads on this, it's on the shopping forum :smile: