Nicole Richie's book

  1. I finally took the plunge and purchased Nicole Richie's new book after reading the article on her in Vanity Fair. The book is actually pretty good. The only thing is that I am getting so caught up in trying to figure out who her characters are supposed to represent. I already know that SHE is Chloe and that Paris is Simone. The D.J. is supposed to be her boyfriend/fiance D.J. AM. But who are the others?

    I thought that Lindsay Lohan and/or Kimberly Stewart might have been one or two of the characters.
  2. I read that book a while ago and I thought it was horrible...terrible writing, stupid plot and the characters are so obvious, but I cant remember who they are now since the book was THAT BAD...
  3. I did not enjoy it much either. In fact I did not even finish felt like a waste of time! I do like NR...she is a lovely, funny girl..but the book was terrible. :sad:
  4. :shame: i've read it too... i didnt really enjoy it... bubble gum for the brain.
  5. i hated it! it was sooooo bad. i think kim stewart and bijou philips had characters based on them