Nicole Richie's Balenciaga collection..

  1. I know people say that she owns a few fake Balenciagas.. I came across this collage and thought it'd be perfect to see if any here were not authentic! lol So, just for fun :p :

  2. ^ pic not working.
  3. ^ here it is. i know the white first is fake, what else? the yellow one, too?

  4. wow! i dunno if they are fake or not but that is alotta Bal, bags to own! I wonder how much that collection cost?
  5. over 15k, i'd assume?
  6. yes, it's been discussed that the yellow first and white first were both FAKES.
  7. OMG I love the stripey one, that's hot.
  8. Why would celebrities carry fakes? :confused1: They certainly can afford the real thing... so why buy fakes??
  9. To be honest, I think some PFers have much better collections... (*cough* Deco, lovelygarments) :p
  10. ^^ Jira, I agree with you 100% on that!! Nicole's collection doesn't come close! Although I looove that olive or khaki (?) work!
  11. i agree w/ Jira.
  12. maybe they got it as a present and didn't know/didn't care? :shrugs:
  13. The ladies on the forum put her collection to shame. Ita with Jira!
  14. Re: cost... not sure, but she may have gotten some of them for freeeee. (comped) Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...
  15. she has the BEST black city! it's sooo smooshable and yummy!

    also love her indigo and turq