Nicole Richie's bag on TMZ

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  1. It's a YSL....if you head over there in the subforum, I think they've talked about the bag before. I don't know specific style name, but it's similar to the Muse.

    Good luck!
  2. Yep, SuLi's right. It's by YSL and it's called the "Yse."

    (It's similar to the Muse, but the Muse has two key differences: The Muse has the distinctive "Y"-shaped section of leather on the front, and it also has the lock on the front, not on the side.)
  3. She's been carrying this a bunch lately.
  4. Ahh, should've known. I've been wanting a muse lately ;)
  5. Note to self: Must get a fierce yellow leather bag! Wow! That bag is HOT!
  6. Ysl!
  7. Where can I buy this bag?
  8. ^ Try calling YSL boutique. =)
  9. Nicole Richie's bag is suede. It was part of YSL's Spring/Summer 06 collection.
  10. ^ That sucks..I am sure it is impossible to find now. I will call on Tuesday

  11. Ditto!!
  12. I love that bag - it's hot!! But, I don't think I could pull off the yellow. It looks great on Nicole though. I want a YSL!!!!:rolleyes:
  13. Yellow is a sexy color that I see being big in spring!! Love this bag!