Nicole Richie's Bag is Bigger Than Her

  1. [​IMG]

    Wow Nicole really needs to start gaining some weight!! She is wearing the Hermes Birkin bag that measures 16 inches across, which you can see is practically twice her own width!!! OMG her fingers and wrist look like theyre suffering from this bag (almost like they can break)... and look at her thigh!! Wow I dont know how much longer she will continue to do this to herself, but I think she needs to blaming paparazzi for bad camera angles and for trying to get a picture of one of her bone sticking out,etc! She really as to seek HELP soon!!!​
  2. Why why why do these emaciated celebs wear those gigantic bug-eye sunnies? They do nothing to flatter the skull-like faces and stick-like necks. It's just creepy!!
  3. I like Nicole but she looks so fragile... it makes me sad to see her like this. She's hurting herself and someone needs to step in before it becomes serious... :sad:
  4. If we hadn't seen her on 'Simple Life' and only saw her at the size she is now, not a word would be said. She's only 5'1". All the attention we pay to celebs weight is what puts the stress on them to be very thin. We should all focus on the person not the weight. We can't go around saying how fabulous some people are when they are as thin as a skeleton and not expect that others will follow suit.

    These are the kinds of things that cause eating disorders. Life is hard enough without that kind of pressure. Remember what happened to the ladies on 'Ally McBeal'? That skin and bones look spread like a virus on that show.

    I guess our fascination with celebrity can take a large part of the blame for this celeb epidemic.
  5. She Doesn't Look Half Bad There...Love The Birkin!!!!
  6. I can't see the pics :crybaby: :crybaby:
  7. ME NEITHER- sorry caps was on
  8. me neither... could someone pls post the pic again? thanks !!!!!!! :smile:
  9. love the Birkin!
  10. cant see anything :sad:
  11. Lovely bag...she is lovely as well, but she does need to keep a solid watch on her weight.
  12. Perhaps she wears oversized glasses and purses to make her look even smaller?
  13. Oooh I love her jacket/shawl type thing. But yes, she is painfully thin !
  14. I think so. These girls think being that skinny is attractive.
  15. The bag looks huuuuuuge on her. Yikes!