Nicole Richie's Baby Shower "Save the Date"

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  1. If anyone cares to is Nicole's baby shower "save the date"

    Paris Hilton is co-hosting the party...can you imagine what that would be like??


    Should def. be an interesting party!! :s
  2. Really sweet...should be a great time and memory for her!
  3. wow, I bet its going to be fun.
  4. Nicole Richie kept a low profile behind her hat and sunglasses in LA yesterday, but the details of her upcoming baby shower have been publicly broadcasted. Nicole's party will be this Sunday and instead of gifts, she and Joel have asked their guests to donate useful baby items to the Richie Madden Children’s Foundation, an organization they started to help mothers in need. As for the party itself, Paris will play hostess with their mutual friend Masha even though Hilton recently admitted that she's a little out of her element. She said, I honestly don't know what you play at a shower. Maybe I'll find a book or something to get some ideas."
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  5. That's nice of them
  6. Good for them!
  7. I like that foundation they started! and it makes sense as well, because im sure they have the money to buy all the goodies that they want.
  8. It sounds like she's really grown up.
  9. beautiful invite, and good for them for requesting that gifts be given to their foundation instead. a very mature thing to do.
  10. yay, that's so nice of them to start a foundation in lieu of gifts.
  11. yey!

    Im really liking her.
    With all her troubles and trials - I think she's doing well getting her life together!
  12. That is a really great idea to support mothers in need.
  13. that is awesome they started that organization. Good for them!
  14. i cant get over how gorgeous nicole looks since becoming her look in the b&w dress!!
  15. Me too! She's looking a lot healthier!