Nicole Richie wasting away!!!

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  1. Does anyone agree with me that Nicole Richie is just way too skinny????? She's getting smaller and smaller everytime I see her.
  2. Maybe this picture makes her look too skinny cuz she's in black. If it's for real, then yes, I think she looks a bit strange, like her heads too big for her body. She has a pretty face too.
  3. Yeah the black could be it.
  4. She is really pretty....I've always thought so but lately, she's getting way too skinny. Here are a few more pics of her from the past week or so....she's not wearing black here but still looks too thin in my opinion.
  5. ^^ Her legs in the first picture of the last post look so thin. But it could just be the angle that the photo was taken at. Still, I definitely think she is too thin. She could stand to eat a sandwich or two.
  6. ^^or 4 or 5 :lol:
  7. OMG, too skinny! There is a difference between thin and skinny. She just doesn't look healthy to me. That is one crazy girl, do you know why she isn't talking to Paris?
  8. I saw her on Jay Leno last week and something is definitly wrong.
    It looks like Anorexia even if it isn't.:sad2:
  9. Did you guys notice her red paddy in the first picture? I can't believe I missed it!....mmm... I love that color the best! Even though the whiskey...Paddies on the mind , wrong post.
  10. I heard that the real reason why they're not talking anymore is because Nicole had a party at her house in which she played Paris' sex tape just for fun as a dare and Paris wasn't there that night but heard about it and got really mad. Everyone says that Nicole did it as a joke and that they honestly didn't think Paris would react that way but she got really hurt and offended and till this day, they aren't friends anymore.

    I know it wasn't nice of Nicole but let's get to the root of the real problem here....why does Paris find it necessary to record sex tapes with every single famous guy she gets with?
  11. i wanna force feed her lard.
  12. Too funny!
  13. aahhh hahahaa lol, you're hilarious!

  14. Love the dress and shoes. The heels are D&G, no?

    And yes, she is quite thin. With all the positive reinforcement she's getting on her appearance, you can bet she's not going to eat a lard sandwich anytime soon. She sure could stand to gain some weight though.

  15. I think she is a little behind on the new trend... HEALTHY