nicole richie sunglassess

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  1. can anyone tell me where i can find these sunglasses? i know it's chanel but it's not on their site so probably a future season. i think mary-kate is also wearing the same ones. i really want 'em!

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  2. awww. i cant afford that much for a pair of sunglasses. well, i cant really justify it, lol. oh well, thanks :smile:
  3. would anyone wear these day to day?
    I thought about getting a pair from a local consignment shop.
    Do you think this is too much?
  4. ^^^ If you've found a real pair then I'd grab them! I love these sunnies and wish I'd found them last year
  5. How much are they asking for them?
  6. OMG I am still looking for an Authentic pair myself. But I will never spend $1600 on them, no matter how rare they are, afterall they will be out of style soon. The most I would spend on these is $650 because they started out at only $425. If anyone knows of a pair in a consignment shop anywhere let me know, I'm ok with spending only $350 too at consigment! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  7. where???
  8. i want a pair too!! i REALLLY want them.
  9. hmm i think im going to try and look at the optical shops around me in koreatown. hopefully koreans wouldnt like that kind of pair of chanels and have some lying around...

  10. I actually thought of that in general calling optical shops and have called a few in my city months ago but apparently these glasses were only available at The boutiques of course lol, Saks and Neimans but that is all. I think now it's only ebay and consignment shops :sad: That is the only hope of ever finding them. ;)
  11. unfortunately probably the only place you can find these now is ebay - and you'll be paying a significant premium for them...
  12. I have been looking on ebay since Easter to try and track a pair down and there is no sign of any.
  13. i lovelovelove them but that's way to much $$$ for a pair of sunnies....
  14. i got mine at neimans in sept. for $425.