Nicole Richie & Paris Hilton: (11/22/06) Candids

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  2. i love nicole's bag and shoes.
  3. hehe theyre at the Grove in West Hollywood :smile:
  4. I think Nicole looks great!
  5. Nicole looks stylish even in that hoodie ! love the bag too!
  6. I'm glad these two are friends again.
  7. Nicole looks great! I am glad she is eating!!
  8. nicole is ultra sexy.
  9. It's weird seeing Paris with a friend that's not her clone. hehe
  10. ^^ lol i know.

    love nicole's look, even though she fired zoe.
  11. they are friends again, good! i am sure that we will see more pictures of them together.
  12. What is going on? Nicole forgave her and now Brit is her friend too?
  13. It seems so funny to see these two together.
  14. paris outfit is:sick:
  15. ^^^I think she was having a "relax" day. I think its refreshing to know even though she/her fam is worth millions she can walk out as a normal person in a hoody and jeans.