Nicole Richie on 20/20

  1. This should be good!!...

    Nicole Richie is going to do a 3 part interview with Diane Sawyer about her legal issues and the pregnancy rumors... the first segment airs on August 2nd on Good Morning America, the second one will be on GMA as well, while the last will be on 20/20.
  2. So is she or isn't she???
  3. Its a rumor, not Confirmed:smile:
  4. I thought she was doing time?
  5. she's going to court today according to she might have to serve at least 5 days
  6. this should be interesting.......
  7. the saga continues....lshould be interesting, indeed.
  8. I think she is...
  9. I agree. I'm interested to see what she's going to say about her pregnancy.