Nicole Richie, is that you?

  1. I found this picture of Paris online... taken on 6/23/06 at the Wireless Festival. She almost looks like Nicole in this pic! [Just thought I'd share with you celeb lovers. :heart:.]

  2. Haha rockin the black hair I see.
  3. Isn't that a wig though?
  4. Weird, it does look like Nicole!
  5. Wig, but totally she looks like Nicole :yes:
  6. SHe is definitely channeling some Nicole in this picture.
  7. She does look like Nicole here!
  8. yep.. she looks like nicole :lol:
  9. Yeah, it's a wig. I freakin' love those sunnies on her... :nuts:
  10. I'm sorry but is that a guy?!?!
  11. hey John5 you're right, seems like she's channeling nicole
  12. I DUNNO, she just looks like paris in a black wig to me, not nicole.
  13. wow weird!
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. She does look kinda manly in that picture! LOL:p