Nicole Richie in rehab for eating disorder

  1. I saw this on CNN, the crawl on the bottom of the screen, but there were no more details. After all the denials, I hope she gets the help and support she needs.
  2. Yeh, well she has needed 2 go into rehab for a while!! Hopefully she will come out a haelthier weight, and fully recovered!!
  3. I hope she is ready to accept the help they can provide.
  4. good for her now I hope she can concentrate on getting well
  5. I totally agree..hope that she can be on her way to getting well
  6. Very happy she's doing this, I like her a lot and want to see her healthy and happy. :flowers:
  7. thank god she's getting help now before she went the way of karen carpenter and died.
  8. I am so happy for her! I really like her for some reason, I really hope she does well.
  9. I am really happy for her! Hopefully she can get better, and get healthier!
  10. so thankful to hear this...hopefully she can get the help she's been needing for quite some time.
  11. I wish all the best for her..hopefully Kate Bosworth will follow suit soon.
  12. I love Nicole and I hope she gets better soon!
  13. Oh boy I hope she gets better...
  14. I hope rehab helps and Nicole gets back to a healthy weight.
  15. I saw that on CNN too. I wish her all the luck in the world. It can't be easy being in the public eye and having everyone scrutinize your weight all the time. You can't win in Hollywood. If you're of average weight, they say you're too fat. Then when you lose the weight, they say you're too skinny.