Nicole Richie in her dads music video~

  1. :love:
    Have u guys seen Lionel Richie's newest music video?

    I just saw it on BET, it was awesome.


    "I call it love"

    Here are some pics I found off google from their shoot.
    :love: :love: :love:


  2. the last picture is precious. she's quite the lucky one!
  3. thats adorable. aww im so happy they have such a heathy relationship. what a kind man.
  4. Ohhhhhhh! Nicole Richie! I love her and she looks pretty in an outfit!
  5. yeah, i saw the music video with nicole in it, she looks really nice.
  6. didnt see it yet, but the pictures are adorable!
  7. I love how he brags on her and now he says everyone knows him now because of her. That is so sweet and funny in the same. I am happy they made this video together and all the pics are beautiful.
  8. Very nice. She seems to be much nicer than Paris.
  9. Those are cute pics. Awwww.
  10. Yep, i defititely love Nicole (more than Paris). She's such a cutie. Those are some great pics.
  11. I saw the music video. It's a cute video and I like the song a lot.
  12. They're so cute...I love the father-daughter thing.