Nicole Richie: “I Will Gain 50 Lbs. For My Baby”

  1. Nicole Richie says she’s been eating ‘every hour’ since she got pregnant, and despite her anorexic-appearance, she told Diane Sawyer she has ‘never’ had an eating disorder! She insisted that she put on ten pounds since she became pregnant, and claimed that she’d be fine with gaining ‘forty or fifty’ pounds for the baby.

  2. Good that she´s putting the baby first.
  3. I love her, and i'm glad she is doing this for baby. hmmmm...I wonder what she's gunna name it?
  4. Good for her, and forher baby. At least she has a good reason to do that. She will look a lot healthier after gaining some weight.
  5. That's great to hear
  6. I know that while she's not the most innocent person out there, I still think she will be a good mother.
  7. good for her ! I think shes very sensible and I think she will be a good mother
  8. That's good to hear! Hopefully her baby is healthy!
  9. it's not the weight im concerned's the drugs.....poor unborn baby!
  10. it can be done I gained 60 pounds when I was pregnant, i too was underweight at the beginning
  11. I'm with you on that one! I think if she was slacking on her nutrition she wouldn't have made it to 4 months. I think she's looking great and her belly was adorable!
  12. Good for her!

    Here's to a healthier Nicole!
  13. cheers! :drinkup:
  14. I certainly hope so. I like her very much - I enjoy watching her on TV and I think she's a cutie. I hope for the baby's sake that she means it, not just to say it to get the news away from her.
    Gee, if she gains 50 pounds maybe she'll hit the 100 lb. mark! :roflmfao: just kiddin'.....
  15. I was going to say she will then double her weight.

    I hope she really realizes that now she has another life to worry about besides her own. I am pulling for her.