Nicole Richie Hosts Armani Exchange Sunglass Launch. Ft Paris and Lindsay!

  1. Nicole looks fabulous, Lovin' her hair! Not too sure about Lindsay and Paris. . . . . definitly not their best looks!
    And whats up with Lindsay's Legs?
  2. nicole looks hot!! love her dress.

    Lindsay looks kinda weird. and Paris........well, i dont like her dress.
  3. whoa paris' nip is totally showing..she should at least wear a bra when she wears a slip dress!

    nicole looks great! NO comments on linds
  4. Thats HOT :p
  5. Nicole is stunning. She's a very beautiful young woman and I love her hair here. She looks way better than Paris and Lindsay any day of the week IMO.
  6. Nicole looks GREAT! but her hair is a bit blond these days
    Lindsey definitely looks weird, and Paris looks like she's wearing a nightie.
  7. :yes: :yes:
  8. I love nicoles sunglasses.
  9. I want lindesy hohans chanel patent reissue!!!
  10. Spray tan is NOT Lindsay's friend.
  11. nicole looks really great but idk about lindsay and paris they look awful.
  12. I think Paris forgot to put her dress on over the slip.
    What's with all the hair extensions?
  13. Wow! I'm loving Nicole's outfit. She looks great!
  14. Nicole looks really cute. But Lindsay needs to be more careful about her fake tan. I'm not even going to waste any words to talk about Paris's outfit.
  15. Lindsay does look strange and her tan is uneven! Nicole looks better then the both of them! But I still think she's looking a bit on the skinny side again!