Nicole Richie Hates Her Cat

  1. "Pregnant Nicole Richie has temporarily got rid of her pet cat - because the smell of the pampered puss makes her feel sick.
    The pet survived a 10-storey fall from the socialite's apartment last year, but baby comes first for The Simple Life star.
    Friends claim she has given her pet to dad Lionel Richie for safe keeping until she gives birth.
    A pal says, "She loves her cat but can't stand to be around it right now."

  2. lol...what smell though? cats really don't smell, especially if they're "pampered." now cat pee is another story!
  3. Reality star Nicole Richie, 25, is apparently taking a small break from her cat, a source tells Star Magazine. Nicole is letting father Lionel Richie, 58, look over the cat until she gives birth. A source explains:
    She loves her cat but says she can't stand to be around it right now. She wants it back after she gives birth.
  4. how weird! i like her much less if that is really true.
  5. It's a shame she had to do that, but I would think she would do the same thing if she found out she was allergic.

    I feel better knowing she gave her cat to her dad instead of taking it to a shelter.

    And it's not like she sent the cat to live with her dad for a superficial reason . . . . unlike paris sending Tinkerbell to live with her mom because she got too big.
  6. Actually that was a smart move on her part.

    Cat poo is basically toxic to unbon babies.
    I work at a kennel/cattery business and if you'e pregnant you have to leave until the baby is born and the mother is ready to go back to work.
    Cat mess is the worst thing ever... dog mess is fine though... dunno why but yer, I know these things.
  7. Exactly. I was going to bring this up. Pregnant women really aren't supposed to be around cat feces. Besides, most pregnant women have some "quirks" during their pregnancy. If the smell bothers her, then it bothers her. I don't think this means she hates her cat. That really is an exaggeration.
  8. Oh man, DH takes care of ours right now, but if the smell was making me ill, they would have moved to my MILs. Right now I can't stand a lot of things I used to love (red meat, ginger, melted cheese). Mostly food and I send DH outside to eat if something bothers me. If it makes me feel the least bit more comfortable, he's willing to do it. I don't look down on Nicole at all for this. It's not like she dumped him on the side of the road. She temporarily relocated him where she knew he would be taken care of.

  9. LOL, trust me, everything has a smell right now.
  10. Right - you have to be very careful with cat feces if you get pregnant. No more litter box cleaning for sure as you could come down with toxoplasmosis. At least she's being responsible in letting her dad take the cat for now and not bringing it to a shelter.
  11. I feel bad saying this...but I sometimes could not stand my 2 cats when I was pregnant:shame:. My female cat would constantly stare at me and several times she jumped on my head with her claws when I was sleeping!
  12. I've heard of pregnant women dreading some this is not surprising to me. Their sense of smell heightens when their expecting.

    Wow, poor kitty fell from a 10 story building? That's crazy!
  13. exactly,
    well said nathansgirl!:yes:
  14. i've heard many women that report an over-exaggerated sense of smell pregnant, so it very well could be bothering her quite a bit, and giving the cat to her dad to be watched after for a couple of months is a responsible decision, imo.

    i had no idea about the cat pooh being toxic, though, that's crazy.
  15. Maybe she doesn't want to risk getting toxoplasmosis.
    Hope the cat finds a good home in the meantime.