Nicole Richie Does Italian Vogue: Hot Hot Hot !!!!

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. [​IMG]
  2. She looks amazing in those photos. Her skin is glowing!:yes:
  3. wow she loooks hot
  4. GOD that girl is gorgeous! Beautiful skin and such a pretty face! She's one of the most photogenic people I've ever seen.
  5. she is gorgeous. LOve her.
  6. One word - airbrush!! her legs look like sticks in the pic with the lilac dress, sorry I no likey.
  7. I think she looks great!
  8. too bad she looks so good she'll be encouraged to keep up her starvation/drugs/whatever ways

    I love the first red outfit, so cute!
  9. yeah she's amazing!
    love those pic's!
  10. toooo skinny.
  11. Great pics of her, she looks stunning! :love:
  12. i love Nicole, she so classy and beautiful
  13. she looks gorgeous! especially in the red dress!!!
  14. someone bring her some food pls.. I can't look at that..... oh my gosh, I feel that she will faint anytime soon.. but yes, her outfits are really pretty...
  15. she's definitely photogenic and pretty...getting a little too skinny though.
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