Nicole Richie Collapses Again !!

  1. [​IMG]Nicole Richie's health problems are slowing down production on "The Simple Life" and causing fresh tension with co-star Paris Hilton, according to an on-set source./SIZE]

    Richie "collapsed" on location in Malibu around 4 p.m. last Wednesday, says the source

    "She was taken to her trailer immediately," according to the insider. "But she came around, so the crew didn't call an ambulance. She spent the rest of the day in her trailer and left Paris to complete the day's filming."

    (New York Daily News)
  2. I find this all very sad. It really is.
  3. Is this not a sign of an eating disorder, I bet her reps will come out with another excuse. We all know if u don't eat, it causes u to collapse.
  4. Maybe she fell over due to the weight of her new lips?
  5. Oh no, that is very sad. I hope she gets healthy soon.
  6. Probably because of long hours filming.
  7. Maybe it's just the angle of the photo above, but she is starting to resemble a bobble-head version of herself.
  8. :lol:
  9. this is so scary, I hope she doesn't end up dead because she's not eating :cry:
  10. Nicole Richie Suffers From Hypoglycemia

    March 21st, 2007 at 11:21 am
    Um… yeah! Nicole Richie’s rep has “confirmed” that the reason why she has been fainting and getting admitted to the hospital lately is because she is hypoglycemic.
    It’s no secret that Nicole Richie has been in a constant battle with her health. But on Wednesday her rep revealed to People magazine the newly discovered reasons behind her fatigue: she suffers from hypoglycemia, which occurs when your blood sugar levels drop too low to provide enough energy for your body’s activities.
  11. oh! i hope she's ok now :yes:
  12. :nuts: :roflmfao:

    hmmm maybe her blood sugar drops because she never eats. :yes:
  13. Hypoglycemia can have an onset from not eating enough too...

    Anyhow, how long will they keep saying it is dehydration and now hypoglycemia until this girl gets some serious help??
  14. That's pretty bad when you don't have enough energy to lift food to your mouth. She really needs to get into a hospital and just be hooked up to tubes for nutrition at this point. I hope she gets the help she needs soon.
  15. :sad:

    I'm sad now...I really like her...