Nicole Richie Celebrates Her Birthday in Hawaii

  1. A pregnant, bikini-clad Nicole Richie turns 26 Friday (today) and celebrates with Good Charlotte boyfriend Joel Madden on the beaches of Hawaii. The couple sunbathed and listened to music on their iPods. They even gave gave other affectionate kisses throughout the day.
    Nicole, 26, and Joel, 28, expect their first child in January.
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  2. Happy Birthday Nicole!
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  3. Karo I just saw these and was going to post, thanks for posting!!

    I still can't believe she is preggers.
  4. she looks cute
  5. More pics.
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  6. I wonder what island this is. Doubt it's Oahu.

    Her boobs look great from being preggos. :biggrin:
  7. she still looks teeny tiny even halfway through her pregnancy.
  8. she looks very cute.
  9. aww those are cute pictures!
  10. She looks great.
  11. They look really happy together
  12. she looks cute!
  13. They seem to be in love. She looks healthier i think...
  14. She looks much healthier:tup:
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