Nicole Richie CC Skye

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  1. So, Nicole has been spotted wearing CC Skye's oversized bracelets, but the pricetag has always seemed really steep for just a bracelet.

    I did LOVE the bracelet it seemed very rock and roll + Chanel.

    Now they have a purse and the straps are detachable and for the price of 2 bracelets $825 you get 2 double wrap bracelets and a purse that doesn't look too bad and now I'm TEMPTED, but I don't even know what I think of the purse. And I found a perfectly respectable similar bracelet at express for $22 but I'm fascinated.

    What do you think?
  2. I am loving the bag too.. debating on ordering from for my bday present. I saw the bracelets at express they are fine but the bag really rocks... I am obsessing.. LOL.. Its got a rock and roll feel but class too.. I dunno.. its a great look
  3. A general question to all....

    Would you keep the straps on the bag or use them as bracelets and use the addtional leather strap on the bag?
  4. I like it.
  5. I'm worried that if I don't LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag I'll only be buying 2 bracelets :hrmm:
  6. I would love to see the bracelets...any pics?
  7. I think the bag is tres cute. You probably don't have to decide what to do w/ the straps, just detach them only when you want to wear them on your wrists and keep them on the bag otherwise.

    One question-
    Are the Express bracelets big in size? I really like Nicole's bracelet but would love a less expensive version. I've seen similar ones around but they were all too slim/narrow (I like how Nicole's is large and "chunky") Thanks!
  8. ohhh, love it!
  9. I wish there was a pic of the bag without the bracelets... cause fo rme, the bracelets are what is making the bag
  10. I just got my bracelet in the mail today, and it is soooo cute! Just like you, i've put off buying them because it seems a little steep.. but then i thought about it.. I spend over $200 on things i will wear once a month IF that.. yet i wont spend that on a bracelet that i'll wear almost daily? I decided that was silly, and i'm so glad i did. I:heart: ittt
  11. I love this bag...I posted about it a couple weeks ago if you want to hunt down that thread too. I think it's under "check out this bag" or something equally vague. It is a lot of money for something so clearly chanel-inspired, but it is nice. I have a thin white cc skye bracelet and I love it.
  12. i LOVE the bag.
    how much is it?
  13. Here you go....
  14. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this bag and bracelet. Love it!
  15. Oh my! This is a beauty! Get the bag, get the bracelets; seems like a steal!