Nicole Richie: Candids with new boyfriend.

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  2. Who is that, and what does he have on:yucky: Didn't she just break up with somebody:confused1:
  3. What the heck was she thinking ? she look like she pick him up, from the bar lol.
  4. it just me, or does the outfit make him look a little...Amish?
  5. Hmmm..I'm definitely not one to pass judgment but she looks kinda not she playing a role almost Jessica Simpson-ish very The Dukes of Hazard with the shorts and Long Red Hair...and looks like Lindsay Lohan...
  6. She's almost unrecognizable in that new makeup. I guess she's following the red lips-no eye makeup trend. It's not a flattering look for her. :sad:

    And that guy....yes he does look Amish. He's just goofy looking.
  7. definitely not her best look

    or guy yet
  8. I love Nicole's hair color and scarf! She is too thin. :sad:

  9. awww she is too thin!! and what is he wearing? I thought she just broke up with that other dude. oh dear, now i'm confused.
  10. Are these pictures new? She doesn't look that skinny in these... I mean she's still thin, but not as thin as in some of the other pictures I've seen of her.
  11. She has gone back to super-trashy fake hair!!

    She looked so so so good with that sleek blonde bob... why didn't she keep it??!
  12. she has super skinny legs.
  13. His look is very London.

    She is too skinny. Again.
  14. She didn't waste any time, did she?!
  15. I don't think I would recognize them on the street...