nicole richie birkin

  1. does any one know what size birkin that nicole richie has been seen with lately?:smile:
  2. Any pics???
  3. i don't have a picture but there is one at nicolestyle web site
  4. I *think* it's a 30 (Nicole is tiny and the bag doesn't look HUGE on her):
  5. Thanks for the pics, I love her new style!
  6. aw. i love that bag.

    her glasses are hideous though. she face is waaaayyy too tiny to be able to pull off those big a** glasses!
  7. thanx for the great pictures! i thought it might be size 40
  8. Looks 35 to me considering it's big on her puny frame
  9. It looks like a 35 to me. A 30 I think would look a little more square...
  10. ^^ I agree.:biggrin:
  11. She has beautiful things, all the latest trendy stuff and a gorgeous Birkin - but I think she looks like a caricature of herself - All out of proportion, especially those sunglasses!!
  12. what is the smallest birkin size?
  13. aw i wish nicole would get healthy. she looked fantastic on simple life 3. no baby fat but she wasnt skeletal either. love her birkin tho.
  14. i don't think the bag is new...she was spotted carrying one months ago...
  15. No its a different Birkin, that one has silver hardware...the one she has has gold, plus it was mentioned in an interview that it was a gift fomr Hermes
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