Nicole Richie: being skinny "possibly could have been" drug related (diane sawyer)

  1. Didn't see this one posted...

    She seems so... grown up?

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    It was Nicole Richie, take two, on Friday morning: Labeling her a former "out-of-control party girl," Diane Sawyer asked how the socialite intends to transform herself into – in Richie's words – "a very healthy and respectable" mother.

    One of Sawyer's main concerns, the ABC anchor said on Friday's part two of her Good Morning America interview with Richie (more from the Q&A will air on Friday's 20/20), was whether the formerly ultra-thin Simple Life star is finally eating – and not endangering the baby she's carrying.

    "Do I eat is kind of an understatement," said Richie, who is four months pregnant. "I eat all the time, especially now. I'm constantly hungry. I'm eating at least every hour."

    Sounding neither defensive nor particularly alarmed, Richie, 25, said, "Just like any mother, you know, you want to take the best care of yourself, especially while you're pregnant. And I'm definitely eating healthier now, and I'm really playing by the rules."

    By that, Richie said, "I do not drink caffeine at all, cut out sushi" – and, in response to questions from Sawyer, who had also mentioned Richie's cocaine and heroin use – "No alcohol ... No marijuana ... No pills ... Nothing ... No smoking around me."

    Richie's boyfriend and father of her child, Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, at that point told Sawyer that he had "a tough week" giving up his pack-and-a-half-a-day cigarette habit.

    Richie also said, "I'm totally okay" with gaining 40 or 50 lbs. during her pregnancy if "that is what my body needs to do."

    Earlier in the interview, Sawyer had confronted Richie with photos that displayed the socialite's skeletal frame, and asked if Richie felt any responsibility for the impression such images might make on little girls in regard to body image.

    "I'm really sorry for not accepting that earlier," Richie replied. "It took me a while." As for what Richie sees when she looks at those photos, she said, "I see a girl that is obviously going through something and is much too skinny."

    Asked point blank if she has an eating disorder, Richie said, "No, I do not have an eating disorder. I've never had an eating disorder. Ever. ... It's anxiety. It's stress. It's just not being careful."

    Was it drug-related? "I think it possibly could have been," said Richie.

    Richie also acknowledged Sawyer's observation that the socialite looked close to death, but Richie says she was not.
  2. I hope this is a long term change! I like Nicole.
  3. I love Nicole.

    I liked when Nicole said she was more scared of the unknown than of jail itself.

    Both before and after prison, Paris was acting like it was a 50 year ordeal. It didn't help matters when she was caught driving so many times and showing up late for court.

    Nicole sounded very down-to-earth and very smart. I have heard Nicole speak honestly before so I know that's not an act.

    Paris normally speaks like a complete moron, so when she was talking to Larry King, she sounded very posed and fake.

    When Princes William and Harry were interviewed on NBC, they added a lot of 'um's and 'er's and 'you know's and that made them sound human.

    Nicole didn't have any of those in her answers but it seemed like she was pausing frequently to think about her next sentence.
  4. I like her and really wish her the best.

    off topic -- is she wearing colored contacts? I thought her eyes were really dark brown?
  5. I have to say the bits and pieces of this interview that I have seen she has been very poised and seems quite frank and honest. I found her to be quite mature and refreshing given that her suposed BFF is that social fool Paris!
  6. i love her!!!!!
    i hope it's true..(everything that she said)
  7. Nope, she has always had hazel/light brown eyes.
  8. ITA. Nicole doesn't sugar coat stuff. Paris is still in denial of ever doing drugs. :rolleyes:
  9. hopefully this is a permanent change...I like her
  10. Glad to hear she is doing better!!! I love her!!!!
  11. I hope she's clean now.....for her baby's sake!
  12. Good for her~!!!! I wish her and the baby all the best!!!!
  13. me too:tup:
  14. Well done to Joel for quitting smoking, that's really supportive

  15. I wish I had seen the actual tv show, but like the two of them, hope it works out...