Nicole Richie attending a dinner for Chanel Fine Jewelry in Beverly Hills.

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  2. She looks great. She looks as if she have gained some weight. Her face looks fuller and its not the new hair color. KudoS to her!
  3. She looks great!
  4. I love the color of her hair....its such a lush brown!
  5. she looks fuller!!!!(fortunately)
    i'm noit crazy about the new haircolour!
  6. Love her hair color!
  7. She's lookin healthier :smile: good for her!
  8. She looks way better!!
  9. she looks stunnning:wtf:
  10. She looks really good. Some weight helps so much, and loving that short do on her.
  11. her bob looks cute on her!
  12. Ahh!! She looks Great!! Good for her. I love her hair!
  13. She does look better, I LOVE that Chanel boutique!!!:heart:
  14. dang she looks good
  15. She always looks refined, unlike Paris/Olsen twins/LiLo/Misha and oh so many others...It isn't about the money, of course.
    Beautiful contrast between new hair color and her dress.