Nicole Richie And Joel Madden Enjoy A Romantic Lunch

  1. She looks very Healthy:tup:

    Now that everybody knows about her pregnancy, Nicole Richie must feel a bit relieved about not having to hide out anymore. Here are the first pictures of Nicole and Joel Madden since their interview with Diane Sawyer. The expecting couple were spotted out together having lunch on Sunday. Joel is looking pretty affectionate while holding and kissing Nicole’s hand. I didn’t think much of him after the breakup with Hilary Duff, seeing as how he moved on so quickly, but it seems like he’s been supportive and stuck by Nicole every step of the way. I have to say, he’s growing on me! [​IMG]
    In other news, Nicole has said that she doesn’t care how much weight she gains while being pregnant.


  2. [​IMG]

  3. looks like she gain some weight, doesn't she?
  4. yeah she looks great.
  5. She looks better! I don't like Joel's music but I'm at least glad he's sticking by Nicole.
  6. Nicole looks great.

    Joel's band plays here often. My daughter loves that band.
  7. ^^ I don't have any of their albums, and I've only heard a couple of their songs, but I liked the ones I've heard:

    The Anthem
    If You Leave (It's a cover and it's on the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack)
  8. He looks really sweet, I did not expect that from him. I hope they are happy and healthy.
  9. she looks great!
  10. I never really paid him any attention until recently. He seems like he really loves her. He's very affectionate with her. Good for them! I hope she finally gets herself together.
  11. I think he could be a very good influence for Nicole and God knows she needs it.
  12. She looks good.
  13. Aww, they're the cutest!!
  14. No doubt she HAS to gain some weight for her pregnancy. Otherwise, her and the baby are in trouble.
  15. I hope she really does get her act together now that she is pregnant & I wish her the best!