Nicole Richie and Joel Madden At "Hamburger Central"

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  2. She looks great..
  3. What a cute couple!
  4. She looks fantastic!!
  5. ahh lovely pictures, she just looks so nice and cute here
  6. She's definitely looking much better here than in the last photos I saw of her. Much more rested and not as pale and sickly.
  7. Cute pics!
  8. She is so cute. I hate him but I'm glad she's doing a lot better.
  9. she looks really good there!!
  10. God Bless her... she looks gorgeous, her dress is TDF & Joel looks super hot with her!!
  11. She looks healthy.:yes:
  12. She looks really cute, and happy.
  13. Nicole looks great... putting on some weight there. Hope she's coping well with the pregnancy!