Nicole Richie and her Balenciagas

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  1. [​IMG]


    I don't know what's up with Nicole Richie Rich's wardrobe lately but I am loving her purple Balenciaga Motorcycle bag!! :love: What sizes are these anyway?
  2. i think medium. they cost like 1200 each. they look huge on her cuz she;s so tiny. i've been wanting a chocolate or black or burgundy myself!
  3. wait, is it me or is she competing for the annual Karen Carpenter award for morbid emaciation lately?
  4. Yes, she does look scarily thin! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. it's going to be down to the wire between her and Mary-Kate.
  6. i think nicole wins this one.
  7. [​IMG]

    The original and still champion... Karen Carpenter!
  8. Yes, definitely the Medium City Classique. She does have an Office/Work bag in the Teal color as well. If I remember correctly, she also has:

    --> Yellow "First" (formerly known as the Classique)
    --> Pewter "First"

    I believe the Nicky Hilton was the winner of the most Balenciaga Bags 'count'!

    BTW ... I think the "Purple" is actually the 2005 Magenta color, it just looks purple in the pictures. The "Eggplant" (purple) color really does look like an eggplant color (I'm not into purple, but I must say it was a fab color - there was a picture floating around with SJP and her Purple Fendi coat + matching B-Bag!).
  9. I love her bags, but she is really scary. I really can't understand the girls who love her so thin...This is anorexia, this is an illness, how can you find attractive and good-looking an ill person? And more, why can't she cure herself? She's nearly disappearing....
  10. even if it wasn't illness, i don't know why anyone would want to look like that! let alone go out of their way to achieve it.
  11. ...Ask whoever decided to popularize Twiggy as a model. Now it's simply ingrained into our culture. 'Heroin Chic.'

    How can you cure yourself of something when you don't believe you're sick? After watching herself constantly stuff her face on the Simple Life, she must have been profoundly affected.

    Is this the equivalent of when guys remember completely useless sports statistics?
  12. Please tell me you're not saying that with a straight face.
  13. This girl is a frightening "bag of bones" - pun intended!
  14. Is she 'sponsored by Balenciaga'? :amuse:
  15. Nicole looks awful! She looks like a scarecrow!