Nicole & Paris Out For Lunch

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

  2. nicole's jeanz are waaaaaaaay too long :sick: but i like her sunnies though LOL ..

    Thaaaaanks Pradas :heart:
  3. Good to see Nicole tucking into a substantial meal!
  4. But do you seeing her putting on weight?? The amount of time I see pictures of her eating..:/
  5. I like her sunglasses as well but Im not too crazy about the green bandana around her head like that!
  6. They are always eating together. I never see either one putting on weight. Why can't I eat and not gain weight?
  7. They always take Nicole's pics BEFORE she starts eating (like the one above) and/or DURING she's eating. A pic I would like to see is the leftover that Nicole leaves behind!
  8. So so true lol
  9. Yes, Nicole is eating!! (or so it seems)
  10. I looove both of their sunglasses!!! :cool:
  11. i really dun like it when she does the bandana thing....
  12. What is the deal with the head wrap? It looks so stoopid!! Is she covering up a bald spot, or trying to keep her wig on, or what?
  13. See... the minute she fires Zoe, the bandanas reappear. (Maybe that's what the ruckus was about...) :smile:

    I hate to say it, but ... Paris looks so good in red. It really compliments her.


  14. :yes: agreed.

    i think when she was wearing a swim suit with that thing on like that...that was the worst.
  15. The only person that could get away with wearing a bandana was Jimi Hendrix!