Nicole Out Shopping In West Hollywood Yesterday !

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    Friends of Nicole Richie say they've noticed a difference since the celebutante said she was seeking treatment for her inability to gain weight.

    A source tells People magazine that Nicole has gained at least five entire pounds!
    '"She has (put on) at least 5 lbs.," says a source close to the actress. "She wants to prove she's trying to change."'​
    Notably, the average person fluctuates 5 lbs on a given day. But then again, Nicole is not very normal
  2. Everytime I see her dark hair I want to go DARK!!!
  3. i loooove her mcqueen scarf!
  4. I love her dark hair, she looks great!
  5. I think she looks great with dark hair and I like her outfit! Her overall look is great!! Keep it up Nicole!!
  6. I love her hair! She looks so good!
  7. she looks soo much better! god I love her style, and handbags!!
  8. her car:drool:

    she still looks so cute w/out make up
  9. I miss her style with Zoe - especially from 2004/2005. Her new style just isn't doing it for me. She looks like she gained a few so keep it up Nicole!
  10. Nicole Is such a cute girl, she looks so nice. I really like her:heart:
  11. LOL Prada, I agree...
  12. [​IMG]

  13. nicole is a tiny girl... she's about 5'1" so adding on 5 lbs is a lot for her and more noticeable than on someone a lot taller. i just hope she continues to maintain a healthy weight. she's looking better now, and i love her with dark hair.
  14. I think she looks great. Love the dark hair on her!
  15. i love that pic :roflmfao: